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Interstellar Dreams Space Center

"The Earth and the Universe beyond belong to all of us." Interstellar Dreams Space Center cultivates an awareness of S.T.E.M. careers in aerospace, beyond being an astronaut."

- Robin McDougal, Founder Interstellar Dreams

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Interstellar Dreams Space Center

Interstellar Dreams Space Center is preparing the next generation of "STEM Ready" Aerospace leaders by blending "hands-on" experiences with "minds-on" technology. Middle School and High School age explorers assume the role of Real-World Mission Specialists to explore, imagine, and design solutions to space debris, satellite solutions, and the possibilities of space tourism.

Join us as we become Interstellar Dreamers who


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The Road to Mars

 The Road to Mars

Mars 2030 is the next destination for human deep space exploration. Our driving need to answer the question; “Is there life on other planets” is at the heart of our curiosity. Rich with scientific discovery, Mars, is an opportunity to ethically expand human presence in our solar system. Join Interstellar Dream’s one-week space camp where you will assume the role of habitat planner, planetary scientist, geologist, space architect, and engineer to plan mission goals, design human living habitats, and build transportation vehicles.

The Interstellar Lunar Gateway

 The Interstellar Lunar Gateway

Humankind is headed back to the Moon to build the next pathway to other worlds in our solar system. To accomplish this goal, we must organize a team of experts to analyze, prepare, and design working systems for scientists, researchers, and habitat designers. Join the Interstellar Dreams one-week space camp where you will design lunar research programs, lunar habitats, adapt a framework for international collaboration, and create Lunar life support plans for human survival.

Earth is Changing

 Earth is Changing: Observe with Micro-Satellites

Satellites are used as a vantage point from space to increase our understanding of our home planet, improve lives, and safeguard our future. We monitor Earth's vital signs of climate change with a swarm of satellite technology. Join Interstellar Dreams one-week space camp where you will collaborate with teams to develop a unique array of satellite prototypes designed to monitor, measure, and detect threats for an upcoming “CubeSat Constellation” Mission.

Planet Hunters Unite

 Planet Hunters Unite: Search for Strange New Worlds

Habitable worlds have been a curiosity of humankind for thousands of years. Today, powerful ground telescopes and space satellites like Hubble and Kepler, have identified thousands of other planets called exoplanets (a planet that revolves around another star). Join our Interstellar Dreams one-week space camp as we utilize our current understanding of the atmospheres of exoplanets, the planets, moons, and minor bodies of the Solar System to look for signs of life in our Galaxy.

The Ferocious Sun

The Ferocious Sun

4.5 billion years old, our Sun is the largest and most powerful object in our solar system. Without the Sun’s energy, life as we know it could not exist on our home planet. Its power and ability to control everything we know as true are governed by its daily activity. Join our Interstellar Dreams one-week space camp to observe, analyze, and head-off serious impact eruptions, charged particles, and influences on Solar System visitors. You will build websites, take 3D walks in space, learn to code to solve mission-critical challenges, and host a Solar Observatory Press Conference.

Wide Computers

Interstellar Dreams Space Center

Interstellar Dreams incites passion and cultivates an awareness of S.T.E.M. careers in the emerging commercial space industry. Participants will use their imagination to design the future of space exploration and space tourism. While building on the history of space exploration, the role of satellites, and careers in aerospace, campers will solve problems using critical thinking techniques. Participants will design a mission patch, space club website, and satellite prototypes, and form an Interstellar Space Club. Exploring the world of space exploration also includes advocacy. Access to your action-based Space themed learning experience is available on all platforms for ease of access anywhere, anytime.


Real World aerospace simulations designed by industry professionals. Our program designers are a blend of NASA professionals, Satellite Industry experts, and University based space observers.A diverse array of programming designed to engage today’s tech savvy generation.


Climate Change and Earth Monitoring Observations
Search for Earth-like Planets
Entrepreneurial Space Exploration
Paving the Road to Mars
Career-based Talent Development