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"The Earth and the Universe beyond belong to all of us." Interstellar Dreams Space Center cultivates an awareness of S.T.E.M. careers in aerospace, beyond being an astronaut."

- Robin McDougal, Founder Interstellar Dreams

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Interstellar Dreams Space Camp

Interstellar Dreams blends "hands-on" fun and "minds-on" tech with your imagination to launch the future of space exploration. Middle School and High School age Explorers will assume the roles of aerospace experts, Imagine the future, and Design the possibilities of space tourism. Join us as we become Interstellar Dreamers who EXPLORE, IMAGINE and DESIGN!

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Session: Interstellar Dreams

Interstellar Dreams incites passion and cultivates an awareness of S.T.E.M. careers in the emerging commercial space industry. Campers will use their imagination to design the future of space exploration and space tourism. While building on the history of space exploration, the role of satellites, and careers in aerospace, campers will solve problems using critical thinking techniques. Campers will design a mission patch, space club website, and satellite prototypes, and form an Interstellar Space Club. Exploring the world of space exploration also includes advocacy.

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Real World aerospace simulations designed by industry professionals. Our program designers are a blend of NASA professionals, Satellite Industry experts, and University based space observers


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Climate Change and Earth Monitoring Observations
Search for Earth-like Planets
Entrepreneurial Space Exploration
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