Interstellar Dreams


Online Astronomy Learning

Interstellar Dreams blends "hands-on" fun and "minds-on" tech with your imagination to launch the future of space exploration. Campers will Explore space, Imagine the future, and Design the possibilities of space tourism. Interstellar Dreams, EXPLORE, IMAGINE, and DESIGN!

Fun Pack


Entrepreneurs Garage Image

Session: Entrepreneurs Garage

Through a blend of critical thinking, collaborative planning, and creative problem solving, campers will practice thinking like an entrepreneur by assuming the roles of product developers, marketing specialists, and business analysts to solve authentic industry problems. Campers will learn how satellites are at the heart of the next generation of communication between people and their machines known as the internet of things.

Interstellar Dreams Image

Session: Interstellar Dreams

Interstellar Dreams incites passion around the next frontier of living and working in space. Campers will use their imagination to design the future of space exploration and space tourism. While building on the history of space exploration, the role of satellites, careers in aerospace, campers will analyze future trends for colonizing Mars. Campers will design a mission patch, space club website, Mars colony, and form an Interstellar Space Club. Exploring the world of space exploration also includes advocacy.

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Session: Embrace STEM

Summer is a great time to daydream about all the possible contraptions you can make. Whether you design fun gadgets for your friends, or you simply like to spend an afternoon building the next BIG idea. This thematic unit guides students as they explore the role of the 3-dimensional prototype, Art in design, and the engineering cycle embedded in all problem-solving. Join us as we think like engineers and act like artists to design and test flying machines, Rube Goldberg contraptions, design futuristic lunch boxes, and build amazing structures.