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If you are an Artist, Fashion Designer, Product Developer, UX Designer, Game Developer, Educator, Engineer, Architect, Scientist, Psychologist, Coder, Journalist, or Environmentalist we invite you to collaborate to launch your next Big Idea.

Light the Fire, Start the BLAZE

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Today's Influencers leverage multiple platforms and use their Brand to change the world. Today's Space Entrepreneurs change life on Earth with new ideas, improve human services, and improve products for everyday people.

Robotics, drones, AI, wearables, environmental solutions, and human living facilities are just some examples of businesses our "Earth-based" Space Entrepreneurs launch.

The future of Space Entrepreneurship includes artists, educators, coders, engineers, scientists, architects, fashion designers, product developers, game developers, environmentalists, journalists, and UX designers.

If any of these passions describes you, then BLAZE invites you to attend our Information Sessions to ask questions and network with like-minded people.

For Emerging and Early Stage Start-ups
The Entrepreneurial Space Age begins with you. Today’s space entrepreneurs are a mixed bag of talents, skills, and professions at varying stages of launching their BIG idea. Whether your team is ready to launch or you have an idea in search of a team, start with BLAZE. BLAZE is designed to build an ecosystem of early-stage space and frontier tech companies by providing tools and resources needed for successful start-up ventures.

The Blaze 2020

We are focused on ideas in the areas of:


• Robotics
• Artificial Intelligence
• Wearables
• Internet of Things ( IoT)
• Cube Satellites
• Autonomous Vehicles
• Environmental design
• 3D Printed Habitats
.Space Entrepreneur Programs

Impact Partners, an optimal blend of expertise and collaboration to achieve a goal.

Thank You & Hurray to all of our Impact Partners
Online Program6 Month online Program
Space IndustryAccess to Space Industry Black Belt Experts
Founders And MentorsStart-up Savvy Mentors & Founders

Light the Fire, Start the Blaze

Light the Fire, Start the BLAZE!

In Q2 of 2019, $2.9 billion has been invested in the commercial space industry. BLAZE is an online accelerator focused on nurturing early-stage aerospace technology founders, especially women-owned. At the completion of the BLAZE Entrepreneur Accelerator, founders will present their ideas to the industry leaders and investors at a culminating event.

Our goals include;  to increase the number of women-owned commercial space companies and to nurture early-stage founders with the “know-how” to launch their enterprise by collaborating with impact partners.

Online Program
6 Month online Program
Space Industry
Access to Space Industry Black Belt Experts
Founders And Mentors
Start-up Savvy Mentors & Founders

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  • Application Deadline: November 30, 2023
  • Final Team Selections December 18, 2023
  • Program Sessions Begin January 10, 2024
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Space Entrepreneurship

Meet Our Black Belt Experts

Cassie Kloberdanz Lee

Cassie Kloberdanz Lee, Aerospace Engineer

Strategic Advisor at BYE Aerospace, a world leader and innovator of electric and solar-electric aircraft. Co-Founder, Brooke Owens Fellowship. A global activist for women in aerospace. Former Business Development Manager for Sierra Nevada Corporation’s Space Systems.

Tommy White

Tommy White, MBA, Director

Professorial Lecturer at American University Kogod Business School Center for Innovation. Co-Founder and former CEO and Director of the Institute for Public-Private Partnerships (IP3), an innovative and industry leading company that provides advisory services and accredited training to key government and private sector officials from emerging market countries on economic growth and public-private partnership strategies.

Diana Alsindy

Diana Alsindy, Propulsion Development Engineer, Virgin Orbit

A Propulsion Development Engineer at Virgin Orbit. She is part of a team that is responsible for LanuncherOne’s Stage Systems design, operation and testing. She received a B.S. in Chemical Engineering (2017) from the University of California, San Diego (UCSD). Propulsion Team Lead for Students for the Exploration and Development of Space (SEDS) at UCSD. She was heavily involved in NASA’s CubeQuest Challenge in designing a 6U Cubic Satellite with propellant feed system, powered by a monopropellant engine.

Julie Van Kleeck

Julie Van Kleeck, V.P. Aerojet/Rocketdyne ( Ret) Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering

While Aerojet Rocketdyne’s Vice President of the Advanced Space and Launch Business Unit, she was responsible for space and launch propulsion and power, research, technology development and product development programs. Space Launch System Propulsion (SLS), Orion propulsion, Commercial Crew propulsion and power, advanced electric propulsion, the International Space System power system, as well as AFRL and DARPA programs.

Melodie Yashar

Melodie Yashar, Co-Founder, Space Exploration Architects

Co-founder of SEArch+ LLC, Space Exploration Architecture and NASA 3-D Printed Mars Habitat Challenge Phase 3 winner. Her practice operates at the intersection of experiential, architectural, and interaction design practices. Currently, work pertains to interface design for telerobotics systems in a variety of mission contexts for the Moon and Mars. She is involved in ongoing research interests in the design of augmented environments, human-machine interaction, human performance studies, and space technology development.


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