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Committed to building a pipeline of top-tier S.T.E.M. (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) talent ready for the global workforce, The Pearl Project Institute for Innovation in S.T.E.M. Literacy, a non-profit 501 © 3 organization providing products, seminars, critical thinking training in S.T.E.M. and summer S.T.E.M. education programs designed to empower educators and community leaders with the “know-how” to deliver critical thinking and problem-solving modules.

Our mission is to reach 1 million youth, especially girls and women, between middle school and post-graduate school with the message, “Blend your personal passions with S.T.E.M. careers, especially in aerospace and the new commercial space economy.”

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Interstellar Dreams Space Week: October 14-20, 2024

Interstellar Dreams Space Week cultivates an awareness of S.T.E.M careers in aerospace, beyond being an astronaut. Interstellar Dreams Space Week is designed to identify next-generation talent, celebrate commercial space accomplishments, and spotlight advanced technology supporting the Space For Earth belief system. Space for Earth includes technologies, research, and exploration to benefit life on Earth. This concept is broad, diverse, and multifaceted, involving various aspects of space exploration and its direct and indirect impacts on our planet.

We will spotlight career opportunities in aerospace beyond being an astronaut. This week-long event is designed to inspire youth to blend passions( art, health, the law, medicine, the environment, energy, food, fashion, or entrepreneurship) with diverse S.T.E.M. careers in aerospace, which includes the emerging commercial space economy.

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We will help you start an after-school program, weekend enrichment event, or a summer S.T.E.M. camp for kids ages 6-18 years old.


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