What We Believe?

Communicate Problem Solving Ideas:

The ability to communicate advanced ideas that solve community and national problems

Design Thinking:

The ability to design and implement solutions using innovative, creative and critical thinking techniques

Set and Achieve Goals:

Set lofty goals that integrate the needs of now and the future

Persistence Behavior:

Exhibit persistence in the face of ambiguity and uncertainty when engaged in a challenge

Precision & Accuracy:

Execute with precision and accuracy while engaged in goal-directed activity

Collaborative Leadership:

To collaborate as a global citizen and community leader

Our nation and the global community demands citizens that can design innovative solutions to complex problems. We believe it is our duty to nurture youth that exhibit the ability to think analytically while addressing local, national, and global issues of our time.

The Pearl Project Institute for Innovation in STEM Literacy has created an environment designed to deconstruct the elements of thinking while constructing the building blocks of STEM Literacy.

We believe, like the waves in the ocean, there are certain characteristics of STEM Literate citizens which are powerful enough to impact a global society. These 6 waves found in our logo represent a growth mindset, 8 elements of thought, and the design thinking process

The Pearl Project Logo