Board of Advisors

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Dr. Carlton Carter

Senior Consultant, The American Institute for Research

Latisha Durham

Systems Engineering, Naval Air System Command in Maryland

Joyce Tobias

Senior Level Regional, Xerox Corporations, TriState Area Marketing Manager (Retired)

Laura Moorhead

Advanced Academic, Fairfax County Public School

Jenny Oh,

IT & Business Strategy, Booz Allen Hamilton, Branding- Digital and Media Strategist Tri-State Area

Chimene Davis

CEO Suburban Entertainment Group,
Los Angeles

Cindy McDowell

IT Consultant
Leadership SAAS, SerticeNow, Inc

Allyson McDougal

Marketing & Sales Canon, Inc. 
Manager Mid Atlantic Region

Eugene McDougal (Retired)

National Institutes of Health

Audie Serrano Consultant

Strategic Partnership & Development

Lauren McDougal, Administrator

Montgomery County Public Schools