Online Donations

The Pearl Project Institute for Innovation in STEM Literacy is pleased to offer the convenience of online giving at the level you are comfortable with up. Giving can be designated by programs or grade level. All personal and credit card information will be kept private and safely processed in a secure server.

Giving Designations



Summer STEM Institute Host School Program
Elementary/ Middle Schools aged youth Title I schools host a Summer STEM Institute in for students with economic need Cyber Leaderships Cyber Security training & internship for High School, Undergraduate, Graduate The American Garage An Entrepreneur Program designed to create teams of novices , emerging professionals with Black belt experts Lanterns Internship Program Mentorship for Girls to pursue STEM careers ( High School, undergraduate) Innovation STEM Awards 2 day Annual conference and award event recognizing outstanding STEM solutions, a national nomination award in innovation( high school, undergraduate, graduate categories Black Belt Collaborative Internship/Fellows Program between College emerging professionals and Experts Tell A Girl Campaign National Awareness campaign to encourage girls to pursue Careers in STEM and Entrepreneurial endeavors Girls Who Animate Girls Who Animate will evaluate 3D character animation properties, analyze BIM (Building Information Modeling) and create Digital Prototypes. Online Magazine Nacre Magazine Targets parents and advocates to share trends in STEM, internships, techware, educational products, career opportunities and college options Online TV Voltage TV is designed to offer parents, emerging professionals and STEM advocates a platform to share content, events and products that meet their needs. Special guest interviews and product trends will be used to keep target market informed

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Preference by Grade Level:

  • Summer STEM Institute ( Elementary & Middle School)
  • The American Garage Entrepreneurs Program ( High School & Undergrad)
  • Cyber Leadership ( High School & Undergraduate)
  • Lanterns Internship Program ( Undergrad & Grade)
  • Lonnie & Bernice Davis STEM Innovation Award ( H.S.& undergrad)
  • Black Belt Collaborative ( Undergraduate-Graduate)
  • Tell A Girl Annual Campaign ( Elementary-College )

If you have questions about giving, please call the Office of Development at (888) 980-0601 or email:

Robin McDougal, Founder/CEO
Phone: 703.994.8645