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The Road to Mars - Module 4 

The Road to Mars

Mars has been one of Earth’s most mysterious neighbors. For centuries, we have wondered, “Is there life on Mars?” NASA is preparing to travel to Mars to answer that very question. Join us as we explore the science and technology necessary to live on Mars. This thematic hands-on unit guides students as they learn how NASA plans to live and thrive for 2 years on Mars, design and build habitats, and understand the role of the sun for survival. Students will assume the role of engineers, scientists, architects and, artists assigned to live on Mars Base RS-1 to search for signs of life.

Embrace STEM - Module 1
Embrace STEM

Summer is a great time to daydream about all the possible contraptions you can make. Whether you design fun gadgets for your friends or you simply like to spend an afternoon build the next BIG idea. This thematic unit with guide students as they explore the role of the 3 dimensional prototype, Art in design and the engineering cycle embedded in all problem solving. Join us as we think like engineers and act like artists to design and test flying machines, Rube Goldberg contraptions, design futuristic lunch boxes and build amazing structures.

Design Your Environment - Module 2  

Design Your Environment

Our environment is a reflection of our commitment to where we live, how we live, and what we eat. Water, plants, and animals all are our partners as we go about our daily lives. We are all inter-dependent on each other’s quality of life. This thematic unit guides students as they understand the role of bees in our food system, expand our understanding of going green beyond recycling, and integrating the role of Landscape Architecture to ensure eco-functioning environments. Join us as we act like environmentalist to examine colony collapse disorder, design a home with passive solar heat, and design a game to teach critical lessons about sustainability.

Mad Mad Machines - Module 6
Mad, Mad, Machines

Today’s problems often require creative solutions involving smart machines, robotics or automated technology to answer tough questions. Solar powered robots to wind-powered cars, our hands-on thematic unit guides students through the thinking process needed to educate a machine to do work. Students will assume the role of engineers, scientists, computer scientist, and artists assigned to use Design Thinking to create automotive solutions for the future.

Girls Who Animate! - Module 5
Animate Your Life

Animation is a visual technique that provides the illusion of motion by displaying a collection of images in rapid sequence. The most common animations are created through computer graphics imagery or better known as CGI. Computer Graphics Imagery or CGI, is used in today’s military, architecture, science, engineering and video game design. This thematic unit guides students as they use their imagination and creative problem solving to design 3D character animation properties, analyze BIM (Building Information Modeling) and create Digital Prototypes. Join us as we at like computer scientist to create community targeted STEM advocacy messages for peers.

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