We Need Her In Aerospace Careers


Tell-A-Girl We Need Her in Aerospace Careers

“Tell A Girl…” is an awareness campaign encouraging young women ages 8 to18 years olds to focus on STEM related careers especially in aerospace. The “Tell A Girl…” campaign invites you encourage girls through words of wisdom to consider STEM related fields.

Launch a Pearl Project Chapter!

Jump Start Your Pearl Project Chapter Benefits

When you launch a Pearl Project Chapter, you are taking an important step toward creating a community of innovators poised to change the world. We will be your partner as you build connections among your members and aligning volunteers around a shared passion for preparing the next generation to take their rightful place in our global workforce.

Pearl Project Chapter Benefits:

» Assigned a PPI Associate to guide your successful Chapter launch
» Scheduled monthly online “Touch Base” Seminars
» One Themed Signature “Ready-to-Go” Kit
» Materials to launch your 1st Summer STEM Institute, After School programming, and Volunteer Orientation

Apply here and join our movement toward STEM Literacy! 


Summer S.T.E.M Institute

The Pearl Project Institute offers several summer programs for students focusing on STEM concepts and practices. The Road to Mars program offers children a chance to explore the science and technology that NASA will use to explore Mars for two years. Using role playing and hands-on education, students will learn about the roles of engineers, scientists, architects, and artists working on the Mars Base project.


Why Sign Your Child Up for Our Programs?

It’s a well-known fact that many children tend to forget many things they learned during the school year once summer vacation starts. They may also experience difficulty transitioning back into the regular school routine once fall begins. By attending our comprehensive summer programs, you can prevent the summer learning slump that so many children fall into. Sign your student up for our programs to enjoy the many benefits including:

  • Enhances Problem-Solving and Critical Thinking Skills
  • Creates Structure and Helps Decrease School-Related Anxiety
  • More Career Options and Higher Wages when they Find a Career
  • Fosters Love of Learning, Curiosity, and Innovation
  • Skills Can Be Used in Virtually Any Career or Job
  • Builds Teamwork and Collaboration Skills

Contact us to discuss your needs and learn more about our programs. We are proudly based in Reston, Virginia.