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The Pearl Project Institute for Innovation in STEM Literacy, is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization designed to "fan the flames" of invention and innovation between experts, novice professionals and America's Youth.

The Pearl Project Institute is committed to answering the nation's call to maintain America's prowess in innovation and invention with students that can lead the next generation as STEM savvy global leaders. "America has jobs without people - about 5.6 million jobs will be vacant by 2020" says U.S. Chamber of Commerce President &CEO Thomas Donohue. Why can't those jobs be filled? Because job candidates lack the required skills". America knows that STEM literacy is a major component to answering this complex and ever critical need in the American workforce. STEM jobs are projected to grow at a fast pace relative to other occupations.

 From 2008 to 2018, STEM jobs are expected to grow 17.0 percent compared to just 9.8 percent for non-STEM jobs (US Dept. of Commerce)

“Economic growth in the 21st century will be driven by our nation's ability to both generate ideas and translate them into innovative products and services. Improving high school graduation rates and ensuring that all students are ready for college and the workforce is vital to states' ability to compete in the global economy. State leaders increasingly view science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) achievement as a critical component of success in college, career and life.”

-National Governors Association, March 24, 2015

What We Believe

The Pearl Project Institute for Innovation in STEM Literacy believes in 6 key characteristics of STEM Literacy;

Characteristics of STEM Literacy

  • Communicate Problem Solving Ideas:

     The ability to communicate advanced ideas that solve community and national problems

  • Collaborative Leadership:

     To collaborate as a global citizen and community leader

  • Design Thinking:

     The ability to design and implement solutions using innovative, creative and critical thinking techniques

  • Set and Achieve Goals:

     Set lofty goals that integrate the needs of now and the future

  • Persistence Behavior:

     Exhibit persistence in the face of ambiguity and uncertainty when engaged in a challenge

  • Precision & Accuracy:

     Execute with precision and accuracy while engaged in goal-directed activity


To create a direct pipeline of STEM Literate youth ready for the global workforce by “fanning the flames” of invention and innovation between experts, novice professionals and America’s Youth.


To design an insatiable learning community that integrates and fosters persistence, critical thinking, problem solving, and innovative collaboration while solving real-world problems with IoT (Internet of Things) and STEM.


Goal #1: To reach 1 million youth in urban, suburban, & rural communities by 2020

Goal #2: Create an ecosystem of disruptive innovation/ invention between youth, STEM experts and citizens.

Goal# 3: Increase the number of students with STEM degrees (especially girls).

Contact us in Reston, Virginia, to make a donation and support our unique educational workshops.